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《星际战甲》【情报】福尔图娜:热修 24.0.9/10

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play236517 (Kaltu) #1 2018-11-21 23:51:03

福尔图娜:热修 24.0.10
Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.10

这次热修包含了奥布山谷和 Outer Terminus (冥王星节点)另一回合的效能最佳化。我们正在改进你们的帧率上全力以赴,请包涵施工中的不便。
This Hotfix includes another round of performance optimizations for everything from the Orb Vallis to Outer Terminus -- we're pulling out all the stops to improve your framerate so please bear with us while we smash!
  • 减少 Corpus 鱼鹰进行闪避的频率。
  • Reduced the Corpus Ospreys dodging frequency.

  • 更新 菁英 大地 Corpus 敌人的资料库图示。
  • Updated the Elite Terra Corpus enemy Codex icons.

  • 重写 技法 引力 Mod 描述至「在标记区域中震地攻击会将位于X公尺内的敌人拉近」(暂译,游戏内翻好了再更新,如上图)以更好的符合 Mod 功能。
  • Revised the Tek Gravity Mod description to read ‘Slam Attacks in the Marked Zone pull all enemies within X|m’ to better match the Mods functionality.


  • 非英文版的崩溃。
  • Fixed crashes in localized versions of Warframe.

  • 在道场增加新房间的崩溃。
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to create a new room in the Dojo.

  • 与恐鸟同伴有关的崩溃。
  • Fixed a potential crash related to MOA Companions.

  • 跳上 K 式悬浮版 时可能发生的崩溃。
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when mounting a K-Drive.

  • 主机迁移后 Archwing 拦截任务的潜在崩溃。
  • Fixed a potential crash after a Host migration during an Archwing Interception mission.

  • 在 Lephantis (遗迹王) 第二阶段以前传识成指挥官将导致无法击败。
  • Fixed Transferring to the Operator before the second phase of the Lephantis boss fight resulting in inability to defeat it.

  • 机甲 Mod 们不会将持续伤害性触发状态转移到其他敌人身上,造成没有伤害。(技能叙述如图。)
  • Fixed Mecha Mods not transferring Damage-over-time Status Effects to other enemies, resulting in no damage dealt.

  • 机甲 脉冲 Mod 在Mod和军械库介面显示过低(错误)的增益值。
  • Fixed Mecha Pulse Mod having lower (incorrect) buff values in-game than what is shown in the Mod/Arsenal UI.

  • 技法 连带 Mod 在客户端没有特效。
  • Fixed the Tek Collateral Mod FX not appearing for Clients.

  • Corpus 冰冻星球 tileset 中的 NPC 重生问题。
  • Fixed AI spawn issues in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.

  • 在奥布山谷打破箱子取得的矿物其实没有被收到仓库。
  • Fixed Gems/Ores obtained from smashing Orb Vallis crates not actually being collected.

  • 要求宠物的紫卡不把恐鸟同伴当成宠物。
  • Fixed MOA Companions not being recognized as a Pet for Riven challenges requiring an active Pet.

  • 急冻喷枪 泰瑟步枪 金工火舌 (Legs卖的新机器武器)有不正确的铸造厂立即完成金额。
  • Fixed the incorrect Foundry rush costs for Cryotra, Tazicor, and Vulcax weapons.

  • 过大的 K 式悬浮板 和 轻型挺 小地图图示。
  • Fixed overly large K-Drive/Dargyn minimap markers.

  • 在交易介面中福尔图娜的宝石和渔获图示看起来被扭曲。
  • Fixed Fortuna Gems and Fish icons appearing stretched in the Trading UI.

  • 在幻影装置中使用指挥官开启军械库的脚本错误。
  • Fixed a script error when accessing the Arsenal as the Operator in the Simulacrum.


福尔图娜:热修 24.0.9
Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.9

其实这次没有急着需要热修,我们的重点放在让第14次TennoGen能够在明天 PC 上发表!所以我们这幺快部属这次热修是为了配合TennoGen建置游戏,好让主机团队可以套用福尔图娜的效能更新然后继续建置和测试的工作。We all lift together!(福尔图娜主题曲)
Providing that no immediate Hotfixes are required from this one, we will be building the TennoGen Round 14 Update with the goal to launch it tomorrow on PC! Our urgency to deploy this Hotfix now instead of bundling it with TennoGen, was so the Console team could grab the performance improvements for their Fortuna update and continue building/testing. We all lift together!

新的菁英 「大地」 Corpus 敌人!
New Elite Terra Corpus Enemies!

在热修24.0.4中,我们为了平衡奥布山谷的敌人而降低了部分大地 Corpus 敌人的难度。主要是因为低等级/新进玩家们在奥布山谷遭遇困难。我们仍然希望带来足够的挑战给那些能够对付更高等级大地敌人的人,因此新增了菁英 大地 Corpus 敌人!这些 30 等以上的菁英亚种有更高的血量、护盾和更高的伤害。
In Hotfix 24.0.4 we reduced the difficulty of certain Terra Corpus enemies to improve the balance between Orb Vallis enemies. This change came mainly from low level/newer players finding it difficult to proceed within Orb Vallis. We still want to bring a level of challenge to those that want to take on higher level Terra enemies, thus the Elite Terra Corpus enemies have been added! These level 30+ Elite variants have higher Health/Shields and hit with harder damage.

  • 数个整体的和一些针对奥布山谷的效能改进。
  • Numerous overall performance improvements with some specific improvements towards Orb Vallis.

  • 改进库狛和库娃的冷颤,现在他们在奥布山谷时会把身体上的积雪抖掉了!
  • Improved Kubrow and Kavat cold shivers, and they now also shake off accumulated snow when out in the Orb Vallis!

  • 合成 反射私法 追蹤 现在是特殊功能类 Mod 了。这些 Mod 目前有一些功能类似的特殊功能类 Mod (流线外型敌人感应),所以只能用一般 Mod 槽违反直觉。
  • Synth Reflex and Vigilante Pursuit are now Exilus Mods. These Mods currently have similarly functioning Exilus Mods (Streamlined Form and Enemy Sense), therefore utilizing a Mod slot was counter intuitive.

  • 现在可以经由中继站/城镇的星图前往另一个中继站/城镇了。
  • You can now travel to other Relays/Towns when accessing the Star Chart from a Relay/Town.

  • 如果骰到歼灭赏金的话,增加该赏金的目标重生率。(例如在你接到「击杀 100 个Corpus无人机赏金」时重生更多的 Corpus 无人机)
  • Increased specific AI spawns the correspond to the given Exterminate Bounty (i.e. more Corpus Drones will spawn when you have a ‘Kill 100 Corpus Drones Bounty).

  • 如果有一个恐鸟同伴已经在进行入侵的时候,不再能够入侵同一个控制台。
  • You can no longer do a Cipher hack if a MOA Companion is already working on it.

  • 以下使用者介面有了新的视觉调整以符合选择的主题:
  • The following UI screens have received visual changes to better match the chosen Theme:
    • 处理鱼饵(西图斯) 或 处理伺服鱼(福尔图娜)
    • Cutting Fish Bait (Cetus) or Dismantling Servofish (Fortuna)

    • 取消铸造厂製造
    • Cancelling a Foundry build

    • 在氏族介面查看成员贡献
    • Viewing a members Clan contributions in the Clan screen

    • 在星图收回採集机
    • Harvesting a Resource Drone in the Star Chart

  • 增加恐鸟/库狛/库娃从远方试图跟上你的速度。
  • Increased the speed at which MOAs/Kubrows/Kavats attempt to catch up to you from far distances.

  • 赏金完成介面现在会提醒你因为每日声望上限而没有得到声望。
  • Bounty completion UI now indicates that no Standing is gained from completed said Bounty if you are at your daily cap.


  • 改进当画面拉太远的时候手把控制器的虚拟游标不会自动贴上星图节点。
  • Improved the virtual cursor for controllers to no longer focus on Star Chart nodes when sufficiently zoomed out.

Conservation Changes & Fixes:
  • 保育界面现在会正确缩放并符合钓鱼界面。
  • Conservation UI now scales correctly and matches Fishing UI.

  • 浅的山洞水洼不再重生鱼。这些鱼往往会因为附近太浅的水和池底而无法捕捉。
  • Removed Fish spawns from shallow cave puddles. These fish were often uncatchable due to the shallow water/terrain surrounding.

  • 修正动物捕捉画面可能不会在客户端显示而且动物不会被吓跑
  • Fixed a case where the animal capture screen might not open for Clients and the animal doesn't get whisked away.

  • 修正麻醉一个已经被捕捉的动物可以拿到数个标籤。
  • Fixed ability to Tranq an already-captured animal resulting in obtaining numerous Tags.

  • 修正奥布山谷的钓鱼热点在客户端无用。
  • Fixed Fishing hotspots not working for Clients in Orb Vallis.

  • 修正在数个奥布山谷的山洞里亮光染剂没有作用。
  • Fixed Fishing Dyes not functioning in several Orb Vallis caves.

  • 修正手柄控制器设定成「经典控制」时,钓鱼转轮介面消失。
  • Fixed missing Fishing reel-in UI when using a controller set to ‘Classic Controls’.

  • 修正有时客户端开始追迹后介面不会显示。
  • Fixed Clients sometimes not getting the HUD to show up after starting an animal tracking trail.

  • 修正从主要Q转轮选择回声诱饵后保育界面显示错误的图示。
  • Fixed incorrect icon displaying in the Conservation HUD when you select a Lure from the main wheel.

  • 修正两个玩家同时捕捉同一只动物导致一只动物被丢包。
  • Fixed 2 players capturing an animal at the same time resulting in one animal being left behind.

  • 修正处理鱼饵或处理伺服鱼介面中,「选择所有」按钮不会选择所有鱼。
  • Fixed not all Fish/Servofish being selected when clicking ‘Select All’ option when cutting Bait or Dismantling.

  • 修正捕捉动物的一个脚本错误。
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when capturing an animal.


  • 当集团称号(不被认同、勇气、英勇等等)往更差的方向改变时,集团声望不会减少。对这个问题的一项修正在礼拜五被撤回来修正通风小子的声望减少的错误,但是需要更深入的工作。
  • Fixed Syndicate Standing not reducing when a Syndicate Title (OUTCAST, BRAVE, VALIANT, etc)  changed in the negative direction. A fix for this was also hotdropped on Friday to predominantly fix Ventkids Standing from reducing, but required a bit more backend work.

  • Ash的 致命传送 集团 Mod 在夜灵平野和奥布山谷中没有作用。
  • Fixed Ash’s Fatal Teleport Augment Mod not functioning on the Plains of Eidolon or in Orb Vallis.

  • 任意 Warframe Mod 可以在 Archwing 任务中使用。
  • Fixed Arbitration Warframe Mods being usable in Archwing missions.

  • 玩家传识成指挥官再传识回战甲后,Garuda的 恐惧魔镜 抛体的伤害显示消失。
  • Fixed Garuda’s Dread Mirror blood projectile damage indicator disappearing if the player Transfers to Operator and back.

  • Garuda的恐惧魔镜抛体直接杀死轰击使而非使他们变成「幽灵」状态。
  • Fixed Garuda’s Dread Mirror blood projectile outright killing Vomvalysts, as opposed to creating a “ghost” on death.

  • 部分恐鸟同伴的零件不会跟着战甲一起隐形。
  • Fixed certain MOA Companion parts not turning invisible when cloaked with a Warframe ability (i.e. Loki’s Invisibility, Ash’s Smokescreen, etc).

  • Garuda的穿心利爪介面不会正确地根据HUD尺寸改变。
  • Fixed Garuda’s Seeking Talons HUD indicator being incorrectly affected by HUD Scale.

  • 库娃和库狛戒律在客户端上没有特效,除非他们是第二个戒律。
  • Fixed Kavat Roar & Kubrow Howl Precepts not creating FX on Clients unless they were the second Precept equipped.

  • 使用军械库>配置选项>从以下配置中複製......功能时,选择的专精学派不会被複製。
  • Fixed the chosen Focus school not transferring over when pressing the ‘Copy From’ button in the Arsenal Loadout options.

  • 有时候Q转轮不会让你装配一个以上同类型的物件(例如多种龙钥)
  • Fixed the Gear Spiral sometimes not letting you equip more than one item in the same group (i.e. multiple Dragon Keys, etc).

  • 在别的电脑上登入时,西图斯和福尔图娜的NPC重複第一次见面时无法跳过的对话。
  • Fixed Cetus and Fortuna vendors first encounter VO replaying when logging into a different location. This fix is not retroactive however, meaning you’ll have to re-watch one more time if you switch between computer locations.

  • 挖矿成功的正方形介面被延后。
  • Fixed the Mining Ore/Gem success box UI being offset after your first successful mine.

  • 从稀有储存箱掉落的加成器有多余的时间字样(例如 30 x 30 分钟经验加成)
  • Fixed Boosters obtained from Rare Crates having redundant time value text (i.e. 30 x 30 MINUTES AFFINITY BOOSTER).

  • 赏金任务奖励多余的数量字样(例如 100 x 红化结晶 x 300)
  • Fixed unnecessary quantity text in Bounty rewards UI (i.e. 100 x RUBEDO x 300).

  • 从轨道飞行器前往奥布山谷或者从福尔图娜进入有着不一致的下雪天气。
  • Fixed inconsistent snowing weather when entering Orb Vallis from Orbiter vs Fortuna.

  • 使用控制器时选项选单没有回应。
  • Fixed the Options menu becoming unresponsive when using a controller.

  • 在指挥官模式时开启自订控制器选单的UI重叠。
  • Fixed overlapping UI menus when opening the controller customization screen while in Operator mode.

  • 使用超宽萤幕时,福尔图娜的页面卷轴没有对齐。
  • Fixed misaligned Fortuna ‘stock scroll’ in opening cinematic on ultra-wide aspect ratio screens.

  • 可以邀请其他玩家参与段位升级考试。
  • Fixed ability to invite other players to a Mastery Rank Up Test.

  • 扫描特效太亮。
  • Fixed Scanners scanning FX being overly bright.

  • Corpus 鱼鹰被空投得太快。
  • Fixed Corpus Ospreys moving extremely quickly towards the ground sometimes after having been launched from the Dropship.

  • 不正确的空投挺空投动画高度。
  • Fixed incorrect Dropship drop-off animation height.

  • 在奥布山谷佔领赏金中,捕获和失去介面字样重叠。
  • Fixed overlapping ‘CASES CAPTURED’ and ‘CASES LOST’ UI text during Orb Vallis Capture Bounty.

  • 某些武器的外观会覆盖掉普通武器的声音。
  • Fixed a few Weapon Skins that were overriding the base weapon sounds when equipped.

  • 珍珠手枪外观的装填音效错误
  • Fixed incorrect reload sounds when using Perla Skins on single and dual wield secondary weapons.

  • 启用生存氧气棒没有音效。
  • Fixed Life Support pick up sounds in Survival missions not playing.

  • 奥布山谷寺庙建造的打光问题。
  • Fixed some lighting issues in the Orb Vallis Construction Site.

  • 在Strata中继站跟奸商说话时摇晃的镜头配置。
  • Fixed wonky camera placement when talking to Baro on the Strata Relay.

  • 可以加入比氏族每日讯息能够显示还要多的行数。
  • Fixed ability to add more lines of text than the Clan MOTD box can visually hold or display.

  • >某某东西(capitalization放在这里不知道是什幺意思)<在多方交战任务中不会套用到Corpus上。
  • Fixed capitalization not being applied to Corpus faction name when choosing a Crossfire mission.

  • 福尔图娜的DE标誌彩蛋(製作人员清单)每次进入都只能播放一遍。
  • Fixed the DE credit easter egg in Fortuna only being viewable once per session.

  • Garuda鲜血祭坛的脚本错误。
  • Fixed a script error when casting Garuda’s Blood Altar ability.

  • 与小地图有关的崩溃。
  • Fixed a crash related to the minimap.

  • 潜在的「记忆体不足」崩溃。
  • Fixed a potential ‘Out of Memory’ crash.

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